We felt the need to manage our time properly . This led us search for methods and we ended up finding Pomodoro-Timer as an effective time management method. We wanted to implement it along with a to-do list so that we can keep track of our progress by setting the targets and completing them in Pomodoro laps

What it does

User can set targets in Todo and can complete it by setting Pomodoro timer. Users can also see their progress in the analytics section

How we built it

Our hackathon website was built for speed, simplicity and accessibility. We built it by dividing the work between team members and working on different parts of the website such as the log-in page, landing page and so forth. Collaboration is key when it comes to hackathons in order to have a successful outcome. We used HTML,CSS , JavaScript and other libraries as well.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a time management app the main challenge which we faced was time management but still we were able to complete the basic functionalities in the time given

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of converting our dreams into reality . We are proud that students (and everybody else ) can manage their time properly and effectively by using our application

What we learned

We learnt the skill of completing a task in the given time period and we also learnt Firebase which is used for Authentication and Database management purposes. We also advanced our JavaScript skills .

What's next for Zen-Timer

Right now we are storing the user data in LocalStorage we couldn't move it to database due to time constraint. We hope to create and manage a proper Database to give the best User Experience(UX) and will also update the user interaction later on . Note making is an additional component which we planned but couldn't implement due to time constraints . It will also be added in future updates.

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