We wanted to build something cool that we'd use ourselves. We started with email sentiment analysis, but we found that we kept converging to a slight value add over google's smart filters, and it wasn't exciting enough.

Zen Coach is a "smart" life coach that combines ai techniques, user feedback, and integrations to help bring balance to your life.

So by Saturday afternoon our vision converged to a scoped product. An artificially intelligent Zen master who can help guide us towards balance of mind, body and soul through a natural text interface.

It works like this:

  • Zen Coach communicates with you through text, like your mother, or your best friend. Some days it may just check in to see how you are doing. Others it will offer suggestions. If your zen score is already in the wellness zone, you may get an inspiring quote or you may not hear anything. If your slipping though, be sure Zen Coach will be there to help get back to optimum wellness. It does this any number of ways, but will ultimately only suggest tweaks that create positive impact towards better balance.
  • You can help Zen Coach learn about your schedule, sleep patterns, exercise, and more using integration options (fitbit, facebook, etc) available from the web or phone app.
  • Zen Coach uses a text based interface to solicit feedback from you about these things, and over time, becomes smart about what works, and what is an optimal mind/body/soul balance.


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