We are a group of doctors, neuroscientist and engineers who have been questioning the meaning of life, moreover finding answers to the question " Who Am I ? "

Having been gone through unconventional lifestyles in this quest and having tried and experimented various methods, we were able to overcome prolonged states of depression and stress. It helped us attain a state of calmness and existence started making sense to us gradually.

This inspired us to take these techniques to more people with the help of technology becoming a medium and a ground to experiment for scaling up the idea.

The target users are firstly the people who are in stress, and have been fighting hard to have lost the sight of being in the "present moment". Going further, even the people scale up their happiness score, calculated from our unique metrics.

The key features are:

  1. Thought exercise.

Analyse your thoughts and put them in respective boxes of time.

  1. Present Awareness Questionnaire

    Take a test with scientifically derived questions with experiments conducted on various subjects.

  2. Zen Happiness Score

The beautiful thought exercise and questionnaire leads you to analyse yourself on a scale with a score and helps you understand your brain health in the most simplest and lucid manner.

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