The need of having a simple yet efficient application for offering (any kind) of feedback is what driven us to start this project.

What it does

The app offers the following options:

  • Login synchronized with active directory
  • A list with feedback requests for each user
  • Possibility to give straightforward feedback (LIKE or DISLIKE)
  • An option to create and submit any feedback request to users from AD
  • A list with anonymous responses (in percentage) for submitted requests

How we built it

  • We split the team in 3 smaller teams: API, mobile and design + testing teams
  • The API is based on Microsoft technologies using ASP MVC 5
  • The mobile app is designed using Apache Cordova framework
  • The design is original and we did not copy Tinder
  • The API was tested before integration
  • The app was tested on Android devices

Challenges we ran into

  • Changing the default app icon
  • Possibility to select groups when creating feedback requests

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Keeping it simple
  • A fully working application
  • A 5 MB .apk file
  • Possibility to select groups when creating feedback requests

What we learned

  • Building for the Android platform using the Cordova platform
  • Filtering AD entities

What's next for Zeedback

As future developments we will:

  • Implement push notifications in order to simplify (even more) the feedback flow - in this way the responses can be sent directly from the notification
  • Build the app for other platforms (iOS, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • Add custom answers
  • Add the possibility to choose between having anonymous responses (as the current implementation) and public ones, in order to use the app also as an event planner

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