Creators, due to copyright infringement and piracy, end up getting their works pirated, stolen, and or don't get enough returns for their work. So we decided to create the TriVerse where 3D movie animators and viewers meet to make the magic happen.

What it does

It's a decentralized platform for 3D movie animators to publish different types of 3D animation movies for both kids and adults. These movies are not for sale but can be rented for a duration by the viewers after, which, when the time elapses, they have to renew the rental to continue the movie in their collection.

How we will build it

The Dapp will be built mainly to host 3D animation movies. Firstly, there are two types of users on this platform: the creators and the viewers. Anyone trying to use the platform has to sign up using their EOS wallet address. The creator will upload the movie, movie banner, the age restriction, genre, language, description and select the duration which each user can rent the movie for, the cost, and how many users max should have that particular movie in their collection at a particular time. So when the viewer opens the platform, he's presented with different genres of animated movies that he can search through. If he places the cursor over a movie, he will be able to see the movie preview clip after which, he can click to rent the movie he likes. When he does that, his wallet is then debited for the movie and he will be able to see the movie in his collections. Every movie in the viewer's collection has a time stamp showing when his rent of the movie expires.

Challenges we may run into

The challenges we may likely face are making sure the videos are light-weight and easy to stream.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This platform will help in curbing piracy and infringement of copyright activities.

What we learned

This is a budding idea we came up with and we believe, when properly implemented, it will overtake Netflix in the nearest future.

What's next for TriVerse

We'll be incorporating more blockchains and wallets unto the platform and also make the movies available for offline viewing. We also plan on including other categories of movies for our viewers.

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