It's still very hard to get into crypto, buy crypto, use crypto, and no one has solved the whole liquidity problem.

What it does

Through an intuitive interface you can purchase zed coins directly from the website and it will never be listed on an exchange. Because zeds are only purchasable through one medium of exchanging with a fixed exchanged rate ($1USD = 1 ZED) the coin becomes stable. The money you send to the platform gets saved in escrow which makes it fully liquidatable. You can then focus on how to utilize cryptocurrency as money because you can perceive value of items but also utilize the fact that it is programmable money.

How I built it

I coded using my elbows.

Challenges I ran into

The centralized storage of liquidatable assets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A friendly user interface.

What I learned

A great solution for human beings requires the right amount of social engineering combined with the right amount of software engineering.

What's next for Zed

Plasma and getting it widely used in local businesses.

Built With

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