We have seen too many people dying and struggling in the world that we decided to change it. Having medical background, we devoped the idea of saving people with rare diseases whose population in EU is appx. the population of Benelux and mortality rate is close to 100% because diagnosis fails as well as one doctor cannot remember 6000 diseases (at the moment). Therefore, we aim to give them a tool that can save several milion people around the world.

What it does

It helps doctors to search rare disease according to symptoms, reveals medication and contraindication but it also gives the doctor opportunity to send an email regarding diagnosis to any organisation in the world researching particular cases.

How we built it

Our core development environment is Java Swing and we've been working generally on connecting universities with doctors after diagnosing rare diseases. We have also assembled the database which lists a sample of real world symptoms, diseases and treatment.

Challenges we ran into

Mediworx, Youngster's challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Listing database of 71 diseases and 620 rows, developing the communication between research centres and doctors.

What we learned

We improved our knowledge concerning medical research. By creating the database we had learnt how to cathegorize and analyse data efficiently.

What's next for Zebra

Adding more categories, language support, completing the database by the research centres after their integration, complete design and put in into practice.

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