Thousands of workers are injured and killed every year in work related accidents. Zayfti is a mobile application software system that ENGAGES workers, SIMPLIFIES paperwork and PROTECTS the worker and organization.

The idea for Zayfti started to take shape with the initial data modelling on a sql backend. Once complete, the team started to look for options to create the mobile front end. Many options were considered, but Appcelerator was chosen so that we could deploy to the App Store and Google Play Store from one code base.

In addition to the multi-platform front end development benefits, we have integrated ACS Cloud services to provide functionality that we did not need to build on our own backend! This includes photo storage and retrieval, document storage and geo-located positions. One of the unique applications of ACS Places is the ability to run a geo-fenced meeting on a construction site. The meeting organizer starts a meeting, which creates an ACS Place. Users attending a meeting need to physically be within the geo-fence to sign in to a meeting (check in to the Place). This ensures accountability for users to be at meetings with proof they were there!

Appcelerator allowed us to quickly build our initial front end, designed to be used by field workers (construction, oil and gas field workers, service). We took the app out to workers to get their feedback on the functionality and design. Working with these users, we were able to modify and adjust the front end, iterating very quickly to integrate their feedback. The availability of ready-built modules such as QR Code reading and UI widgets let us expose functionality that has really wow'ed our users! Users were engaged early on and their suggestions allowed us to complete and publish the first version of our app, on both iOS and Android, in less than 4 months.

Many enterprise applications are built for the office user with mobile end users as an afterthought. We heard this often as we talked to users. Our approach to building a piece of Enterprise software, focusing on the end user and their needs, has resulted in tremendous acceptance from our target audience. Recently we spoke to a worker who has been in the construction industry for decades and is about to retire remark how easy the product was to use!

You can find us on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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