💡 Inspiration

The thing that inspired us all to work for women’s empowerment was their capability to perform and deliver, they are as important as men. We as students, boys, and part of families wanted to contribute to creating a beneficial cause of empowering women and to give them a tap on the shoulder to keep going and not give up!

For this, we developed a mobile application named “Amaan” - You deserve to be Safe!

🔩 What it does

It is a mobile application developed specifically for women. That lets them take a leap that they can count on someone and we made sure that “SOMEONE” will be none other but their own contacts which they can:

  • Send alerts
  • Locations

Furthermore, they can:

  • Access nearest hospitals
  • Police station
  • Ambulance
  • Fire brigade
  • Pharmacies and bus stations.

⚒️ How we built it

We designed the app via Adobe XD & we have used Flutter (Google framework) to convert the design live into the app. Alongside this, we have kept our eye on the User experience with sleek and smooth UI and animations in it!

Challenges we ran into

  • Get Home Safe: The major challenge we faced as the technical team was to keep track of the user in the backend and send the location after specific minutes

  • Safe Shake: To detect the shake in the app when the app is closed and send SOS to respective contacts

⭐ Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Due to technical issues, challenges and tight deadlines we are super proud that we researched, designed and brought the idea into the real world solution with great hard work and team contribution.

📚 What we learned

  • Teamwork
  • Coding challenges
  • Flutter (Framework)
  • Research-based content/designing

📈 What's next for Amaan

  • Safe Audio: Enable the audio recording from the user's mobile phone which can be used as evidence by the respective department (e.g police) later on

  • Overcome SMS Charges: We want to overcome the charges we are required to send the SOS SMS in future in collaboration with our Government hopefully.

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