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Expecto Patronum - the charm that alleviates evil through good memories. Memories of the magic pencil where the sketches would come alive on the real world.

What it does

Once the user signs with their email address, it logs the user drawings. When the user clicks > button it sends the user's unique path to access the sketches. The user could experience the wonderful memories and can relive them through VISA.

How I built it

Through google object guessing API. Once the user draws on the canvas the sketches are posted to the API which would return 20 objects. Assuming that it is related to the most relevant the data is stored for the user. As the user searches through the memories, he/she could trigger the purchase of the object.

Challenges I ran into

Maintaining the smooth run of the application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating the APIs and maintaining a minimal interface at the same time.

What I learned

Users would express themselves in unlimited ways in an unconstrained environment. A Moment of pause would make the user curiouslike the structures in Cuneo movement

What's next for Zauber

Improving the experiences with travel, nearby places and more....

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