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Expecto Patronum - a charm of flash that discharges the brightest luminance; uses your contemporary moments to reminisce on your wonderful memories.

# MagicGetsReal Magic wand

It borrows the concept from the magic pencil that transforms any drawings or wishes into real objects.

What it does

When the user signs in with their email address :-), application assigns a unique address to them. They could draw their thoughts on the canvas. On clicking the ** >** button, the application sends sketches URL to their email address. Later the user could experience their fascinations and can relive them with either with their families :-) or through shopping. <:_:>.

How I built it

I built it around google object detection API which returns around 20 guesses at a moment. P5 and a few other libraries worked for the canvas . NoSQL(MongoDB) and Mongoose for the backend and integrated them with Walmart and for a seamless experience. Nodemailer to send the emails and Pug and Animate CSS for the Frontend.

Challenges I ran into

_Ideation _ - Transfering the flow into experiences, integrating aspects from behavioral science and ultimately turning magic into real.

Building - Generating SMTP service and adhering to the responsive UI design patterns.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Maintaining a minimal interface despite its complex underpinnings.

What I learned

Users would express themselves in every possible way in an unrestrained environment and availing the application accordingly.

What's next for Zauber

Improving the experiences for travel , nearby places and Integrating Zauber with Instant games.

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