"I feel like doing something, but feel like doing nothing!" ~Every college student ever

Ever felt the above? We did! And we came up with an app to help us get through days when we want to do something, but do not want to take the effort of planning out a day trip.

What it does

It tracks your location, and based on your time, budget and radius constraints, provides you with a completely planned trip around the town!

It further uses a user-feedback model to train a recommendation system which is used to better plan activities for the user.

The app uses a standard email/password verification feature, along with an in-development integration of Facebook login service.

How we built it

The backend is completely in Python. We have used Google places API and Zomato API to gather information about nearby attractions, like movies, places to eat or tourist spots!

The frontend is built with Android studio, and we have used JSON as the default communication structure between the frontend and the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We had to make the code generic, so that anybody could use it anywhere in the world. It needed a lot of filtration as to what parameters we should take per activity.

The python code was very unstable, and was crashing repeatedly. It was all because of a wrongly indented block of code!

The recommender system needed a huge amount of time because we needed to figure out on the basis of what parameters we could get a perfect prediction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a recommender system from scratch! Learning new stuff like firebase and api integration!

What we learned

People are working on uber-cool things! Indentation can be a real pain! Recommender Systems might sound cool, but they're equally prickly to fine tune. When nothing goes right, go to sleep!

What's next for ZaPlan

The current app supports only android. We need to app iOS and Windows store functionality. The recommender system works only for restaurants to eat, and is a content based one. We need to make it a collaborative system, and for various other activities.

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