Zap! is a smart second screen app that makes sure sports fans never miss out on an exciting play or game. Think of it as a personalized and real-time NFL Redzone for all sports, including Rugby!

Zap! tracks live play-by-play sports data, social media buzz, historical results & the significance of each game (rivalries, effect on standings, the fan's affinity etc.) to algorithmically assign scores and rank games, in real-time, which reflect the overall excitement levels for each game. The app also generates a real-time feed of alerts notifying users of all the exciting plays happening across different games.

When coupled with a smart remote control (developed as a companion to the app at the On Deck Cup NYC Hackathon but beyond the scope of this challenge), the user can quickly jump to th channel on the TV from within the app.

The app engages rugby enthusiasts in two ways:

  • For devoted rugby fans, the app makes sure they catch all the exciting plays and games as they happen.

  • For casual/novice rugby fans, the app guides them to watch plays/games that reflect the best aspects of the sport and will get them hooked onto the sport.

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