A volunteer at HackUCI came to us and requested that they be a part of our project. What better way than to name him after our magical anteater wizard who casts spells in Latin to cleanse the underground dungeons of zombies, slime blobs, and evil mages?
A Backstory We initially wanted to create a typing game that was a bit unlike other typing games. As a result, we combined the best of what a typing game is (the typing) and that of an RPG. Characters were inspired by many of our surrounding aspects - Zalvin the chanteater is inspired by both Peter the Anteater (UCI's mascot) and Alvin Zou, a superb HackUCI volunteer who also happens to be one collaborator's roommate.

What it does

"Zalvin the Chantater" is a simple RPG game that allows the player to play as a magical anteater wizard. They then go through the underground dungeons to rid them of monsters.

How we built it

Our project was built with python and pygame. The sprites, however, were drawn using Piskel, a free online sprite animator.

Challenges we ran into

Being unfamiliar with animating, coding animation was a huge struggle. To get past this, a lot of trial and error had to be done. When documentation didn't help, experiments had to occur. In particular, animating new enemies slowly appearing when all current enemies died was an arduous and time-consuming process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to connect technology with the arts and create a fully functional and polished game!

What we learned

We learned that there's a lot that goes into game development, especially regarding animating and connecting all the various mechanics together..

What's next for Zalvin the Chanteater

In the future, we would like to implement more levels, smoother animations, a more in-depth story, and a sense of player progression. Additionally, we would like to implement a party system for the player, so that he is aided in attacking the enemies. Initially, we were going to implement a level system, where Zalvin will progressively learn new spells with each level.

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