It is a known fact that music can have influence on emotion.

ZalanDeez was built based on the belief that people associate sound they experience with events that happen at the same time.

ZalanDeez wants to implant emotional connection between good tunes and Zalando fashion. If such a connection can be established, people are more likely to be reminded of Zalando when they come across those tunes again.

ZalanDeez links a Zalando article with a song found on Deezer based on article's name. The songs are used to accompany Zalando's advertisements to make them funny and memorable. This can be done at:

  • Bus stops
  • Train stations
  • Schools
  • YouTube
  • Shopping malls
  • TV


This demo is very limited in extracting keywords from merchandizes. I planned to use the nltk library assist in extracting English from text, but it proved to be more involved because I have to think about a lot of special cases.

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