Finding the right product when shopping online can be frustrating. In certain devices it is not easy to find stuff by typing and it can be challenging for people with visual or other impairments. Messaging apps have become the centre of online activity as they serve for more and more purposes. For example, the millions of users of WeChat in China tap the service to send money to friends, buy shoes and even book doctors’ appointments.

What it does

Our concept ZalaBot lets you search for your next favourite item at Zalando by simply speaking. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it can suggest you products that match your search terms.

How we built it

Skype Microsoft Bot Framework API Node.JS Zalando API

Challenges we ran into

Big volume of Microsoft Bot Framework documentation Internet connection working poorly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our bot works!

What we learned

To use natural language processing and how to build bots.

What's next for ZalaBot

There are a number of possibilities for ZalaBot, such as the integration with diverse messaging applications or with other stores apart from Zalando. The voice-to-text feature is pending as for now the bot is only chat based.

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