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## Inspiration

As a first year with a mandatory meal plan, a vast amount of the food we are offered within the plan goes unused. Same goes for materials, clothing, books, tools, and various other items.

## What it does

Zakia connects those who do not want to throw away an object they find could be useful to someone else, with someone who may need it. Making the system financially effective, sustainable, and useful.

## How I built it

I mainly used Wix to help with gathering data and modeling the site and mobile app.

## Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I ran into was transferring data from the ‘donate’ section to the ‘order section’ in the form as any listing.

## Accomplishments

I am proud that I’m have a better time understanding and utilizing the resources around me.

## What I learned

I learned more about API, formulating ideas to best be catered to the consumer, and some java.

## What's next for Zakia

What’s next is to partner with other major schools to provide a vast network of students a similar opportunity.

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