Society is starting to move towards mindfulness. People are beginning to appreciate yoga for the calmness and balance it brings to the chaotic nature of western life. Meditation is also instrumental to training the mind to be balanced, just like we know we need to exercise our bodies!

What it does is a tool with 2 channels. 1) start - you can immediately choose a guided meditation & get to it! 2) learn - View a directory of meditation resources; articles, guided meditations, yoga centers, mobile apps, etc. Everything you need to get connected & informed!

How I built it

a real passion for meditation, consciousness, mindfulness, and spreading those values to others. The site took a lot of practice and understanding of the potential audience to create the idea. Then, I spent most of my time working on the design for the site. Typography (font choices, colors, sizes, weights, placements) & aesthetic took the majority of my time. Finally I used html / css / javascript to actually create the site.

Challenges I ran into

Design design design. How do I visually intrigue people to inspire them that meditation is awesome? People seem to think you need to be a buddhist / monk / zen master to meditate; that it requires clearing all thoughts... not at all! The first step is simply clearing the mind. Point being, informing people at all different understandings of meditation is a challenge. The audience is very diverse.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think I found a very nice aesthetic to represent this movement. I would describe the aesthetic as classic, modern, minimalist, earthy, clean, and visually authoritative.

What I learned

f&%! it ship it! I relearned that designing a page not only takes iteration, but also requires user testing to find the natural way people want to engage with the site. I learned Information Architecture (properly organizing info) isn't enough... you have to visually inspire the visitor or they won't care to put the energy into something they aren't familiar with. I learned that people actually think meditation is really cool when the idea is presented in a designed product!

What's next for Zafu

1) user testing 2) better visual organizing of the 'learn' page (meditation resource directory)


Built With

  • graphic-design
  • html/css
  • javascript
  • mindfulness
  • realtime-data-analytics-3d-printing-drone-trigons
  • typography
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