need for anonymous voting framework which can be used on mainnet also can be possible on any blockchain that support solidity smart contract

What it does

It's completely anonymous and private voting framework which use zero-knowledge proof for authenticating voters permission for voting and hide them

How we built it

I write a zero-knowledge circuit in circom language to build a proof on voter side and a smart contract for voting which can also verify the proof built by voter

Challenges we ran into

building a zero-knowledge based framework which build proof on the voter side and send the proof for voting smart contract and the contract verify it on the blockchain

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the first completely anonymous and private zero-knowledge voting framework which is safe and can be used on any blockchain that support solidity smart contract also with low gas fee and easy to use

What we learned

another application of zero-knowledge proof and writing a circuit in circom language, ..

What's next for Z-Voting

gasless voting using meta transaction, adding pause function to pause the voting progress, ...

Built With

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