Our idea araised from seeing how some unfortunate individuals have sparkling ideas but struggle financially. We would like to act as the medium between them and certain commercial banks that might be interested.

What it does

It helps young entrepreneurs to fulfil their business dreams through applying our app, once their proposals are approved by the Commerical banks. We are dedicated to showing a high success rate of helping the entrepreneurs to get approvals than them directly applying themselves or through other agents. What we offer is guidances and what they need to know when they are applying for angel funds. Since time is money and they can definitely save some money through us!

How I built it

Creating accounts to Capitalone and saving the information to the database

Challenges I ran into

Getting all the technology stuff working and everything, which includes Twilio. Also, it took a long time setting everything up initially. We have a long working system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The database is working!

What I learned

Twilio is not very useful in terms of the texts. we had to change it from the US to UK credit base. We tried to figure out what Twilio returning to.

What's next for Yunus Finance

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