Pandemic- Hackathon Prompt

Note- PFA PDF document for a business plan and PowerPoint presentation COVID 19 is not our first health crisis, nor our last. How do we help those at high risk? How do we create vibrant supply chains, fast vaccine testing, better PPE designs, better signage, and solutions for restaurants, stores, etc? How do we help small businesses and performers stay afloat during Shelter-in-Place?

How Yummy Food product fulfills the track for pandemic COVID-19

This company is named Yummy Food, and it is an online food service company aimed to help small local restaurants and grocery stores sell their foods and grocery online by saving their operating cost. Same time the community takes advantage of multicultural food at a reasonable price. This product aims to support the local small supermarket and a small restaurant.

How Yummy Food is helping COVID-19

Yummy Food is designed to help counter these current food issues by offering online purchases from different sources and businesses.

We will offer meals, food items, and groceries to restaurants, organizers, food banks, consumers, and other groups in need of food items. In addition, Yummy Food will seek and work with farmers and local food producers/distributors to set up contacts to purchase and sell their food products on our website. We would take care of delivery and such matters online.

To limit food waste as distributors of food items, we would work with restaurants, food banks, organizers, and other groups to distribute certain food items to people in need.

Our Product Name- Yummy Food

Yummy Food Mission Statement-

Providing meals and groceries for those in need. Goals Philosophy to help those in need with our services.

Target Market

Restaurant owners/managers -

people w/ purchasing power for restaurants. General grocers for restaurants. food service organizers - Food Bank organizers general consumers - Individuals, Families, church. government agencies: Social Service heads/employees. Competition FoodService/Bulk Food Warehouse stores - ex: Smart, Costco, Restaurant Depot, Whole Foods Convenient location and services for businesses/consumers, bulk items sales can cut into initial sales and have current customer markets in the local area

General Food Markets - some have contracts with local restaurants. Can provide wholesale prices for both restaurants and consumers.

Products or Services

Yummy Food will be selling two main types of products: meals and groceries. Prepared meals will be offered on the website at different levels of pricing. Purchasing meals online for consumers will range from $10 a simple meal up to $50 for family meals and bulk items. These meals will come in a variety of different cuisines, styles, and food items. These meals would be sourced from different restaurants and food businesses in order to reduce cost and complex processing. Once Yummy Food is up and running at normal operating levels, special discounts and offers can be applied to entice new and returning customers. We hope these meal products will appeal to consumers looking for new dishes and fulfilling meals to help counter the rut during this pandemic; that we, Yummy Food, would be providing a service to entice new and returning customers.

Products for Groceries

As for groceries, these items will be more appealing to restaurants and other foodservice organizations/businesses. These items will be delivered in specialized boxes similar to warehouse storage boxes. Boxes of different fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, and other specialized food items will be priced at different levels depending on their conduct. Pricing will range from $20 for low weight items to up to $100 for larger packages. All of these items purchased online will be delivered through contactor drivers such as UberEats/Doordash that will deliver meals to consumers and businesses.

Food Donation Plan

To help eliminate food waste and wasted inventory, we can offer donation services for specific food items in danger of being left to waste. For people with little to no income, certain dates will be marked on the store’s calendar offering several food items products at no cost for certain groups of people such as the homeless and those with special needs such as physical or mental ailments. Such events will be advertised on the website and in local flyers and advertisements to help those in need of such services. Items would be marked and be placed outside the warehouse to be picked up or delivered to certain locations for efficient use of such products. By offering such services, Yummy Foods makes ourselves distinct in the current market competition.

Team Members Sally Jain, Shreyansh Jain, Ashok Giri, Jessalyn Wang

How I built it HTML5, CSS, Java Script

Challenges I ran into We have a short time to do devlopment..and different time zone with team

What I learned We are saving local businesses to introduce our Yummy Food Product. We learned due to pandemic how local business is struggling to stand out themselves.

What's next for Yummy Food We wanted to do develop a marketing plan and wanted to develop an augmented reality feature.

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