One of our members was browsing Tinder with his buddies when he got a brilliant app idea: why not let friends share Tinder screens and only allow a match when everyone in the group swipes right? It would certainly make Tinder a very interesting group activity. Realizing that Yelp was present at Hack the North, we realized that this revolutionary concept could be also used for choosing restaraunts among friends, and so Lezzeat was born.

What it does

Lezzeat helps people to decide where they want to eat. When you are hanging out with a group of friends and not sure where to eat, Lezzeat provides a solution. It is a web app that can scan the restaurants nearby and hold a toll among a group of friends. After simply swiping out the restaurant options you don't want, and Lezzeat automatically ranks the best 3 choices for you to decide.

How we built it

We built our mobile web app using Ruby-on-Rails as a full stack framing-work. Using Yelp-API we retrieve the data and extract the information needed in an industrial standard database as the back-end. The front-end is established using material design on embedded Ruby.

Challenges we ran into

Learning new language and new framework and apply them to actually build a complete project is the greatest challenges we have. For example, figuring out the polling (to ensure the client-side updates the information in a timely manner), learning Ruby-on-Rails as well as Yelp-API and material designing for the front-end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally are able to complete the working prototype of the project that we propose. Most importantly, we all enjoyed this team-hacking experience.

What we learned

As what we have mentioned above, we all have obtained a lot of experience in web design using Ruby-on-Rails and material design.

What's next for Lezzeat

Improving the UI and speed up the process of voting.

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