During the COVID Pandemic, small businesses have been hit the hardest, with countless family businesses filing for bankruptcy. This web app aims to solve this challenge by providing people with food options from local family companies based on their preferences.

What it does

A Bumble-like application to provide local restaurant recommendations to the user. Built with Google Cloud, Places API, and React.JS, Yumbble seeks to support small businesses during the pandemic.

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How we built it

We first prototyped our design using Figma (see image gallery). Lauren and Catherine worked on the front-end of the project using React, and Nadine and Naomi worked with the Google Maps Places API and Google Cloud to get data about the restaurants.

Challenges we ran into

Today was our first time working with Google Cloud and specifically with Google Maps’ Places API. Additionally, we came into this project with minimal React.JS experience and learned much of the framework on the spot. It was challenging to validate our API key, work with API output, devise a search algorithm, and integrate frontend and backend (especially with interactions between different React components), and while we have ways to go with the accuracy and scope of our product, we are proud of how far we’ve come in under a day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning how to use the Google Maps Places API for the first time and using it in React to create a dynamic website. We are also proud of our collaboration and use of Git.

What we learned

Prototyping in Figma was very useful because it helped all our team members stay on track, and easily solved any confusions we had amongst ourselves about the product. If we were to do it again, we would plan to accomplish simpler objectives first, and then adding on fancier objectives, as to not rush as much in the end.

What's next for Yumbble

Next for Yumbble is having it pick restaurants based on the user’s location, adding a more randomized set of large restaurants, and showcasing women-led and black-owned business! We also hope to implement user authentication so that users can log in and save their favorite local restaurants for future reference, as well as create a 'friends' feature so that users can share restaurant options with their friends.

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