Limit the amount of fresh produce that ends up in landfills by facilitating deliveries from grocery stores to food pantries. Although cap-and-trade legislation for food waste is virtually nonexistent, a pre-built tracking solution could encourage the implementation of such systems.

What it does

Creates a tracking solution for a cap-and-trade style system for food waste. Credits are earned through donations to food banks and can be traded freely between companies.

How we built it

One day crash course on Ethereum and Solidity! Used ERC20 MintableTokens from OpenZeppelin to allow food banks to mint Yum coins in exchange for donations.

Challenges we ran into

Applying theoretical knowledge of smart contracts and tokens to a real world situation. How do we provide benefit for both parties involved in a transaction? Do we use smart contracts or tokens for that use case? Do we know enough to even try to add some part of a system to the chain?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Zero knowledge to basic functionality in a few days!

What's next for Yum coin

Bringing the coded UI into alignment with the design. Yum coin purchases between companies. Lock balances based on fiscal year. Add on-chain marketplace for posting and claiming donations.

Built With

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