DO YOU hate standing at the front of a line at a restaurant and not knowing what to choose? DO YOU want to know how restaurants are dealing with COVID-19? DO YOU have fat fingers and hate typing on your phone's keyboard? Then Sizzle is the perfect app for you!


We wanted to create a fast way of getting important information for restaurants (COVID-19 restrictions, hours of operation, etc...). Although there are existing methods of getting the information, it isn't always kept in one place. Especially in the midst of a global epidemic, it is important to know how you can keep yourself safe. That's why we designed our app so that the COVID-19 accommodations are visible straight away. (Sort of like Shazam or Google Assistant but with a camera and restaurants instead)

What it does

To use Sizzle, simply point it at any restaurant sign. An ML computer vision model then applies text-recognition to recognize the text. This text is then input into a Google Scraper Function, which returns information about the restaurant, including the COVID-19 accommodations.

How it's built

We built Sizzle in Java, using the Jsoup library. The ML Computer vision model was built using Firebase. The app itself was built in Android Studio and also coded in Java. We used Figma to draft working designs for the app.


Our team members are from 3 different timezones, so it was challenging finding a time where we could all work together. Moreover, for many of us, this was our first time working extensively with Android Studio, so it was challenging to figure out some of the errors and syntax. Finally, the Jsoup library kept malfunctioning, so we had to find a way to implement it properly (despite how frustrating it became).


Our biggest accomplishment would probably be completing our project in the end. Despite not including all the features we initially wanted to, we were able to implement most of our ideas. We encountered a lot of roadblocks throughout our project (such as using the Jsoup library), but were able to overcome them which was also a big accomplishment for us.

What I learned

Each of us took away something different from this experience. Some of us used Android Studio and coded in Java for the first time. Some of us went deeper into Machine Learning and experimented with something new. For others, it was their first time using the Jsoup library or even their first time attending a hackathon. We learned a lot about organization, teamwork, and coordination. We also learned more about Android Studio, Java, and Machine Learning.

What's next?

Probably adding more information to the app such as the hours of operation, address, phone number, etc...

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