YTP videos on youtube - new words are created by mashing up word parts of other words

What it does

Translates what you type into spoken word - Spanish and English!

How I built it

I built this using game maker, despite the engine's many limitations. I started by making a system that talks one word at a time, then later changed it to speech parts. After i got one word working by saying it one syllable at a time, I did the whole alphabet

Challenges I ran into

There are way too many rules and exceptions for words in the English language. It took hours and hours of minor edits to the way it processes words to get a majority of the words to sound correct. It got to the point where i made a Spanish mode because that language adheres to its own rules better

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the whole thing to work in general Having enough time to add tool-tips and sound effects

What I learned

The english language sucks Coding in gamemaker is very different than anything else ive ever worked with before

What's next for YTP Speech Synthesizer

Record mode - have the user record their own voice clips for each sound, and let them make the synthesizer say things with their own voice

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