There are a lot of YouTube video downloaders out there. By making use of tools like youtube-dl, they get the job done. But YT-Fetch is different. It is an API that returns necessary data to create your own downloader. Now you can create beautiful frontends with your favorite tools like, Reactjs, Vuejs, Sveltejs and whatnot.

What it does

It returns data including title, views, links to thumbnail and various formats along with links to them. Just an API call and get all the data you need in quick time.

How I built it

It is built with Python and Youtube API and

Challenges I ran into

working with Youtube API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to get quick repsone and all the quality of video with tags and thumbnail

What I learned

Working on YouTube API

What's next for YT-Fetch - An API to fetch YouTube video metadata

Deploy to a full fledged website to work from anywhere, also add some functionalities like embed and downloader.

Built With

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