Wanted to build something for the content creators which gave them complete control over their content. A community-driven platform which makes talent an asset and scalable to work towards a self-sustaining economy

What it does

It gives a platform for content browsing and uploading, in a very decentralized manner. It gives every creator an option to take part in an ICO and create a brand out of himself and market accordingly.

How I built it

I used open databases like ipfs and orbitdb and encrypted the data with the private keys. I used react to build this and web3 to integrate the decentralized aspect to it.

Challenges I ran into

Being still under development, new commits are being rolled out for the technologies I'm using, so I'm still not able to define a proper stack for implementation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built this Dapp from scratch and worked with really cool technologies and created an architecture which helps me in properly creating a network

What I learned

Got more hands-on on Dapps and smart contracts. Learned about fintech and markets.

What's next for YT

Project completion and rolling out the beta for testing. Integration of smart contracts.

Built With

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