Inspiration: Many a times when we try to park our car in any parking lot, we can't find easily. So, from here we came to this idea.

What it does: In this app, when you go to any parking lot, it will display all the open parking slots where you can park upon with very much ease.

How I built it: We will install LIDAR sensors in each parking slot. And all these sensors are connected to a centralized system which is accessed by the same parking area. And when we enter in that parking area, this app will instruct you which space are empty to park upon.

Challenges I ran into: We aren't aware of these technologies this much, so we are trying to learn it to implement it as soon as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This technology is not present anywhere in the market. So, we tried to introduce it.

What I learned: We got aware of new technologies. We got to know how server can be connected to our application.

What's next for YPM(Your Parking Mate): To expand to global level.

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