Hackathons present a unique opportunity to finally put long-gestating ideas on paper. In a 36 hour time period, it's admirable to set out to solve the world's problems by storm. Instead of an broad, multifaceted project, our team decided to focus on a single issue and create a thorough implementation of our solution.

Our app, Yovary, turn Yo's unary messaging system into a reminders for those taking birth control pills. Since the Pill requires a fairly precise schedule to work effectively, we create periodic notifications that help to build the Pill into the daily routine without the abrasiveness of alarms of hassle of calendar coordination.

It might seem weird that two/thirds male team would make an app that they doesn't directly better their lives. Coming to MHacks without an idea, we really enjoyed speaking with a variety of people to source out a new idea. Quite a few women encouraged us to pursue some kind of Pill-tracking app, citing the precise nature of its regimen as a source of daily stress. Even more motivating though was the hesitance, and even scorn, that a few men expressed when asked about the issue of birth control.

With such a disheartening response from a lot of guys, we suddenly understood much better why such an integral daily habit didn't appear much in the public discourse. Without public support or acknowledgement, even simply daily tasks can become daunting. With Yovary, we set out to create a free resource for women on the daily regimen of the Pill. A simple, local solution to a persistent, critical problem, Yovary is a tool with potential greater than the sum of its parts

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