I wanted to make something that is useful, but it really isn't that useful.

What it does

The program's main purpose is to turn Youtube links into mp4 files then turn those mp4 files into individual frames. Those frames will be on a .html file with the .html files redirecting to each other to make something similar to a video. This project doesn't really have a point

How I built it

I built this program using Windows Powershell, .sh scripts, .html files and a Github file. I mashed them all together to create this monstrosity. I planned on using Wallpaper Engine to help run the .html files.

Challenges I ran into

Linux is hard to use for beginners. Even if you know what you are doing, Windows Powershell is still different from normal Linux systems. Writing shell scripts is hard and I didn't finish all my shell scripts. My team also all left and I had to code the scripts myself. I also ran into the challenge of the code that I needed on Github could not be used for Windows PowerShell. The code on Github was very hard to read and usually poorly documented. I couldn't understand some of what they wrote and PowerShell would sometimes refuse to run code from Github.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I learned more about the Linux system and Windows Powershell. I am also proud that I have submitted something on the Steam workshop for Wallpaper Engine

What I learned

I learned much more about the scripting in Windows PowerShell, which I wouldn't recommend. I learned how to find good information online and how to find good open source code if there was any to use.

What's next for YoutubeLinkstoFrames Converter

This project could be expected to have additional features, such as automatically creating the .html files and automatically using Wallpaper to run .html code.

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