The project was a very interesting venture that we all took upon which led us to develop a very helpful chrome extension. This not only saves time but also releases people from the hassle of scrubbing through the entire videos. This challenge inspired us, even more, to do come up with something good.

What it does

The YouTube-Chrome Extension helps locate the keywords from a video and allows the user to jump to that time. The user also has the liberty to search their preferred words through a search bar.


The layout of the extension consists of a list of keyword that when pressed takes you to the timestamp where that keyword is located. Secondly, there is also a search bar if the user needs to search for some other word; but if not displayed in the list of keywords. This way they always find what they want, if it is present.

Special features of our program:

  • Domain-independent, Keyword retrieval
  • Search for more keywords as needed
  • Code injection
  • Gets active only on YouTube.
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