Telegram Bots are fun especially in telegram groups. They are also super helpful and you can customize at as per your liking.

What it does

It downloads and sends the music audio on the chat. It also has other functions like-


      /song Syntax: Enter /song [song name] or /song [url]



It also responds to specific text with gifs.

Check out the bot on telegram here

How we built it

We built the bot using the following python libraries:




Challenges we ran into

We weren't really familiar with python-telegram-bot, so programming using that was a bit difficult.

What we learned

We learned some awesome libraries like youtube-dl and python-telegram-bot. In general, it was quite a good experience.

What's next for Youtube Song Downloader Telegram Bot

We have some other exciting ideas to be used on the bot to make it more user friendly and more abled to monitor groups. Do look forward to it :)

Built With

  • python
  • python-telegram-bot
  • youtube-dl
  • youtube-search-python
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