I heard that Alexa can't play YouTube directly, but you can use Bluetooth to pair a device with Alexa-enabled speakers and play YouTube through the device. While Alexa can make playing songs and other audio very convenient, you're limited to Amazon and certain services or radio stations for direct streaming. This was challenging which motivated me to build it.

What it does

The purpose of this skill is to enable users to listen to audio from Youtube on their Alexa devices. This skill searches for a set of YouTube videos based on a search term provided by the user and then plays the audio from the most relevant video while enqueueing the next most-relevant tracks to be played after. There are also several options provided to manage playback settings, namely: previous, next, pause, resume, and repeat mode (which is looping the audio).

How we built it

We built Youtube Player leveraging Amazon Alexa SDK, AWS Lambda function and AWS web server with the use of youtube API.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was linking youtube using youtube API to the Alexa skill.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our accomplishments to date that we are truly proud of, are being able to offer the basic service free of charge for people who can't afford to pay. We had this idea quite late on, so it was great to see our design, test, and build it. We're also super happy it's a skill that can be enjoyed by every music lover!

What we learned

This is the first time we built an Alexa skill. We learned a lot of things, from the basics of how to create a skill and name it, how to use AWS services to build a complete skill till certification.

What's next for YOUTUBE PLAYER

Now it's an audio player, we want to improve it in such a way that the skill can play in the video too so that the skill can be useful in echo show and echo spot devices too.

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