YouTube Hover Links (YTHL) - a JS experiment

Live demo

YTHL creates minimal YouTube embeds that open & auto-play on hover. Result: less wasted real estate.


  1. Load up jQuery, ythl.css, and ythl.js in <head>.

  2. Use <span> elements and data-attributes to embed your video. Here's how you'd embed Katy Perry's Roar music video: <span class="ythl" data-id="CevxZvSJLk8" data-title="Katy Perry - Roar" data-auto="yes"></span> Neat right? just plug in the video id, your link text, and an autoplay flag. YTHL does the rest.

  3. Srsly bro, that's it. Enjoy!


YTHL depends on Fitvids.js for responsive embeds - but if you can live without that, you can also nix jQuery. (You'll have to refactor some of the code though.)

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