We always love listening to music and we feel having a visualizer can give the user a more immersive and stimulating experience because of its syncing to the audio's rhythm and beats.

What it does

It converts a Youtube video into a visualizer. The visualizer relies on the beat of the music.

How I built it

We watched Youtube videos on how to convert a Youtube link and utilized Chatgpt.

Challenges I ran into

Audio issues with the project. We solved by converting the video to wav and saved it into a parent directory. Visual issues with the project. We had to learn about matplotlib and how to set up the x and y axis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have not taken any CS classes before so we are proud to be able to achieve the goal of converting a Youtube video into a visualizer.

What I learned

How to use github, import libaries, and some front end design.

What's next for YouTube Audio Visualizer

A more visually appealing website, a way in where the user does not have to always restart the terminal when changing songs, a queue/skip list, adding more vibrant colors to the visualizer.

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