How we built it

HTML, CSS, Python and other


As people who enjoy sports a lot, in the current pandemic, it's been really tough for us to manage a suitable work out routine without either pulling out or feeling part of a team.

What it does

Youtine makes a simple and easy for team members of a team to work together and collaborate for their set fitness regime. The Chat functionality allows people to discuss their regime and it makes the system quick and simple to use

What's next for Youtine - Your Daily Routine

Next, we want to increase the number of activities available for the users. Alongside this, we want to make a function to actively track runs using the location of a user to ensure the tracking can be accurate. Also we would like to make a leaderboard system for the users to bring competitivity. like and google cloud

Challenges we ran into

We were in different time zones so that was quite a challenge to work together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a huge project possible in less time

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