Sexual and reproductive health was given an international consensus definition at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994. At its core is promotion of reproductive health, voluntary and safe sexual and reproductive choices for individuals and couples, including decisions on family size and timing of marriage. Sexuality and reproduction are vital aspects of personal identity and are fundamental to human well being fulfilling relationship within diverse cultural contexts. Living in India, we have seen people neglecting their reproductive health. Because they believe it as a taboo. So people, specially youth, couldn't get proper information regarding their reproductive health.

What it does:

Here we are providing solutions for some of the problems in our website. Our webpage provides sexual and reproductive health information to the youth. Here you'll find all basic information on reproductive health and others like sexually transimited diseases. We have also added a quiz so that people can test their knowledge on reproductive health. We have also added few products information and even links so that they buy them on non-judgmental purpose. Next up, we have created a community feature where everyone can share their problems and even facts to aware others. This feature is really cool, as you will be anonymous here. The website also helps people who need mentors' advice.

How we build it:

We have only used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to built this website.

Challenges we ran into:

We, being beginners in the tech-field, had to learn a lot of new things to apply in our project and due to the time crunch we were not able to implement one of the main focus of our project and that is data security. We worked on the back end but unfortunately it didn't work. But we had learn many new things in this weekend!

Accomplishments we're proud of:

This was our first hackathon for all our team members. We are really proud that we could complete the front end of the website.

What we have learnt:

Html, Css, JavaScript

What's next in our project:

We will work on the backend and security of the site. We will ensure that it comes out with full potential.

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