1/ Our Future is uncertain (global warming challenges, new paradigms,). There is a big skills mismatch between what employers demand vs what education provides. The demand for skills is changing immensely due to disruption and technology. In conclusion, we know that our Education system must prepare students for: Jobs that have NOT yet been created, technologies that have NOT been invented yet, to solve problems that have NOT yet been anticipated.

2/ What skills do you need to thrive => a mix between the right mindset, skillset and toolset (or so called 21st century skills)

3/ How do you teach those skills? Through Problem Based Learning, Experiential Learning, Coaching and mentoring

What if we could create a movement, a community for supporting young people solve their relevant, local and worthy problems using the right mindset and tools mainly used by the Entrepreneurial tribe? It would require a community of mentors to accomplish such achievement but if we succeed we would then live in a more meaningful, connected and sustainable society.

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