As college students, many of us start our college careers having no idea what courses we want to take, or when we're supposed to take them. For many of us, we are thrust into the world of sudden responsibilities, and planning our courses for just the next quarter can be daunting, let alone for planning the rest of our degrees. For UCSD specifically, we've all seen lists of required courses to follow, but most of these plans can still get confusing, as there is a lack of personalized content. In the current 4 year planner that UCSD offers, it outlines a very general plan, but what if we've already taken a course? Or perhaps we planned to study abroad and take some summer courses? As students, it would be helpful if we could plan out our courses with something that allows room for flexibility and gives information beyond just a class code. To solve this problem, we created YourYear, a website to help students efficiency plan their courses to stay on track to for their expected graduation year.

What it does

YourYear is a custom degree planner that tailors to your a student's individual needs. To get started, simply create an account to save your plan for the long term. After selecting your major, minor, and expected graduation year, you can plan courses for any quarter, simply by dragging and dropping. Each course also links to a detailed popup with info with details including prerequisites, reviews, and a general course description. No need to go digging around multiple tabs and windows for information! We also have a search bar on the left that allows you to find specific courses, a notes section for any thoughts while planning, and a list of required courses based on your major and minor on the right. YourYear is a tool that eliminates the hassle of searching for information extensively, and allows anyone to create a custom degree plan.

How We Built It

The frontend of our website was built using React and the Ant Design component library. The whole team helped to design the layout of the site, and then Steven and Thang coded the components. The backend of our site was built using Express, and uses Firebase as the data storage system. Ronak and Ivy worked on the backend to set up routes and plan site data models.

Challenges We Ran Into

One challenge in creating the front end was figuring out how to handle the drag-and-drop nature of the classes. We were able to locate an npm package that this functionality built-in, so we were able to spent more time focusing on the site design rather than trying to figure out minute functionality. When creating the backend, figuring out the best way to store the planner's data proved to be a tricky process. We were able to come up with a data model where we store each individual class and it's position in terms of the year and quarter, and then had the frontend organize everything when the user loads the site.

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

I think we're all proud of how much we've learned over the past 36 hours. Each of the team members has practiced a new skill and gained new knowledge. Some members were new to web development, and they greatly increased their knowledge and practical skills by asking questions and looking for information online.

What's Next for YourYear

With such the short time frame we had to develop the product, there are a few features that are still in the works. We were able to interface with the backend system to pull information that is used in the signup process, but the classes used in the planner are currently hardcoded. We'd also love to add new features, including integration with existing university course lists, a GPA tracker, and degree planning systems. With more universities, we can expand our scope and support even more students like us to easily plan their degree, and even more so with the addition of more majors and minors.

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