Due to Remote Education industry being on the rise YouTube is the number one place where teachers host their talks, seminars and lectures. The truth is YouTube is designed to make anyone binge-watch it all day and it is full of distraction to make anyone click away to a Cat video from Algebra lecture. We want to make it productive for people who use it for work or learning. This extension is an attempt to provide a minimalist approach to Youtube with full customizability.

What it does

It actually makes you watch the video your professor sent you by disabling all the distracting parts of YouTube like AutoPlay, Recommended Videos, Likes, Dislikes, Comments. Further, the whole extension is customizable which means you control which features to enable and which one to disable.

How I built it

Javascript is used to build all the DOM manipulation features. I used Webpack to build all the files. CSS is used for building the UI.

Challenges I ran into

Building an extension to hide a div is easy but building an extension which is customizable and giving the user freedom to enable/disable a specific feature is a real challenge. Further, in Youtube the whole website isn't static, it is loaded dynamically and we have to check if each element is available before manipulating them. MutationObserver saved our lives :D.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole concept of using YouTube with all the distractions disabled is a whole new YouTube experience. Anyone using it for a few videos will see the results. I'm amazed at how I came up with this idea.

What I learned

I learnt how to use Webpack, JavaScript Promises and extension development.

What's next for YourTube

Expanding by emailing students and professionals. Inviting willing people to collaborate and make the product more robust.

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