We feel that huge amounts of alpha are being kept in the hands of a few, well-organized hedge funds. We want to level the playing field by bringing financial ML and HFT algorithms to the masses. Based on the works of Marcos Lopez de Prado, this knowledge is widely available but hard to implement in reality.

Creating a working (or even profitable) ML trading bot in crypto requires:

  • Expensive historical data
  • Data storage and engineering
  • Finding and tuning the right ML/DL models
  • Intelligent bet sizing and risk analysis
  • Extensive and reliable backtesting
  • 24/7 uptime
  • Domain knowledge


With yourtrading.ai a wide range of historical market data, available through Chainlink and Aleph.im, data transformations and models can be chosen and trained, their predictions formulated into strategies and, with the ease of a few clicks, subsequently backtested against test data. The user may create an account and deposit funds and let the AI do the trading. We provide the infrastructure, and the user puts their knowledge about the markets to work.

A quantamental approach to creating and operating trading AIs, open to everybody.


While, initially, we plan to host our app on centralized infrastructure, we soon want to pivot towards the Aleph.im network, to create a truly decentralized trading bot pipeline. The bots will run on the Alpeh VMs, while receiving sub-second price updates through Pyth Network. Users will be able invest in each other's market making bots through platforms like Investin.pro, with the information given by our backtests, automatically conducted on every model trained.

Users will be able to adjust, and buy, a wide range of data sources, as well as provide their own data, to create unique models capable of leveraging some of that HFT alpha hidden in today's volatile crypto markets. We reach for maximum entanglement with the existing Solana ecosystem, through its DeFi-, infrastructure- and data protocols.

Looking for teams all around the globe, we wish to democratize state-of-the-art Machine Learning and AI techniques to reduce volatility, increase liquidity and incorporate untapped alpha into Solana's markets.

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