Throughout life, in order to learn or get updated on the current research or going-ons of the world, there are always papers, articles, and texts to read. All of this could get tedious or just plain boring over time. In order to engage better in understanding and benefiting from the material, we designed an app that interacts with any text to augment interest and help make reading more of a joy.

What it does

The app takes in text input and converts it into an entertaining thematic rewrite, by replacing certain words and phrases with the user-selected theme or character style. Then it gives the option for the user to read new converted text.

How we built it

For the GUI, we used Android Studio and Java/XML. The remainder of the logic was done through the Java language.

Challenges we ran into

The Python-Java link did not work for use in Android, so we had trouble bringing the synonym search-and-replace program to light. Additionally, the implementation of some cloud services ended up taking much more tedious effort and time than expected, which ended up cutting many of our planned resources. Original idea was to scan in student material such as homework/quiz/exam results and suggest relevant study and resource materials. We encountered problems of special characters/language text recognition and the inability to analyze handwriting and problems visually. Pivoted to current project.

What's next for YourText

Scanning to text capabilities, implement text processing to simplify user interaction. AI customization that adds images that match context of given text. More themes and character styles to chose from to make it more personalizable to a wider platform.

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