Our inspiration was Instagram and the many teenagers and young adults posting on Instagram on whether they should buy/wear clothes or not.

What it does

Our Android application is a multi-level social media platform following a simplistic but effective way to communicate with others in your community. The community members will be able to vote on if the user should buy/wear those clothes or not.

How we built it

We used AndroidStudio, researched a lot about a new scripting language to us named xml. We used this in order to make the foundation of YourStyle, making it more user-friendly and more interactive.

Challenges I ran into

The formatting of the home screen and the user profile was really hard to organize. Especially with sorting out the placement of certain button icons.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a well functioning Android Application that is appealing to the users, under a 24 hour time constraint. Throughout our app making journey in SJAM, we have made the images and icons in the highest degree that we could have and also practicality makes it all the better.

What I learned

We learned how to divide tasks to efficiently manage our time. Most of the time, all of the group members had an important job to contribute to our App. We have also all learned more coding concepts and also more information about programming languages

What's next for YourStyle

In the future we plan to make our app even better and faster, making it more user-friendly for everyone that chooses to use it. This will hopefully cause others into downloading our app, maximizing our geographic. If things go as planned, we could have potential buyers to buy our product.

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