In a country where insecurities have been the order of the day, both for the residents and potential investors, hence a tech-based solution that is readily available to all is pertinent. Our IoT with the mobile app, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria, solves one of the vital issues of insecurity in Nigeria. These issues range from fire breakouts to medical and general emergencies, cops harassment, and dangers at the workplace have been factored into the app and it helps prompt appropriate quarters on imminent danger. You can also share your location with anyone wherever you are. With BeSafe, Nigeria will be able to boldly account for the security of over 40 million smartphone users, and subsequently, for the non-smartphone rural dwellers.

What it does

BeSafe provides a-click-away solutions for everyone, both young and old wherever they are. This app alerts security agencies close to your location based on your current location and your next of kins when you are in danger it sends you location via SMS and emails for easy tracking.

How we built it

We Build the mobile app using flutter

Challenges we ran into

We try to build IoT devices that can connect to the app and perform app function via the IoT devices this wasn't possible because we had an issue of getting some devices needed to make it work and the time was short

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy we tried to build a mobile app using flutter for the first time.

What we learned

Building a mobile app using Flutter

What's next for BeSafe

Complete that app and build IoT device that can connect and control the app

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