Currently companies own data, and users is a product of many companies. Idea is to democratize data access while allowing small companies and new players to deliver relevant experience for users

What it does

Learns users preferences on-device and allows to personalize any visit on the internet

How I built it

Collected a dataset, trained an initial model. From there prototyped a way to attribute these signals to actual products. As a result user has unique user preference profile, that can be easily reused on any parner site, from very first visit. Experimented with a differential privacy based on PySyft

Challenges I ran into

Collecting initial dataset, convincing existing businesses in Bring You Own Data approach

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working model, working PoC of how companies could benefit. TensorFlow 2.0 across the board

What I learned

Huawei has AI focus, unfortunately it's a bit behind of current version. Users have inertia, so one needs to bring a very strong argument to actually convince one

What's next for YourOwnPreference

Built With

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