Inspiration was the tiredness from screens, with everything online, i never felt like reading books after completing the online stuff. We have the tts available on many sites, we have the pdfs too, why not mearge them for the best along with soothing music in the back. Just wanted to make learning fun and not tiring again

What it does

it brings you pdfs, also the power to upload pdfs and listen to audiobooks in your personal room with awesome lofi music making the process fun, engaging and not tiring. You can customize the tts and songs to your likeness and your comfort

How we built it

i've used django to build my site, with html, css and javascript first completed the frontend, by experience from previous hackathons as i never won because i focused just on the backend and functionality But it's complete this time, with appealing front along with a dark mode we all prefer

Challenges we ran into

it was a challenge to work all alone, also fun to be honest. i struggled with the tts at first, but then decided to do it in the front itself using js rather than converting in the backend and sending the audio to the page This decision took a while to make, was hard. It was also kind of hard to autoplay the video in the background with the song in a better volume and quality last one was TIME, would have added wonders if had some hours in hand. It is still wonderful! :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the frontend and the customizable tts page wise came out pretty well am proud of my frontend and the awesome switchable theme of my site (light and dark)

What we learned

Used the tts for the first time, also switching it from doing in the backend to front was a good idea and helped me learn to convert text to speech in python as well as javascript :)

What's next for Youroom

Next will add more customizable voices for the tts and will add more to the frontend It will have seperate rooms for your friend groups Will add a more customizable profile in future

(tts=text to speech) Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Please forgive me for the voice quality on the youtube video :)

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