Governments all across the globe are declaring relief packages for the poor. These stimulus packages, along with corporate and micro-donations will be a boon for the worst affected.

However, like always we keep forgetting the largest chunk that makes up our society: The Middle Class or the modern Bourgeois. As Kunal Shah, Founder and CEO CRED quotes.”About 85% people not having enough savings and I assume not all of them are going to be people who can’t be categorized poor, you know who I am talking about “The middle class”, “The working class” and one more funny term I have heard “Lower middle class” ( I can imagine there will be a middle middle class soon and it will explode into a recursive function”).

So what next? Sit home idly and watch how the crisis pans out or be proactive and look for innovative models to surpass these hurdles?

We at Gridle believe, Necessity is the mother of invention. We understand that a job loss can have far-reaching impacts on your social and psychological well-being. Hence we are excited to announce: YourNextGig

To help people like that we will be working with anyone who has a gig to work on and we will be passing it on to the correct person and playing a role of a matchmaker, for anyone who already has skills and is open to working with us as a mentor to help people going through this and working with them to ensure their success if you believe we can work together and collectively help people we are excited to work with you.

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