YourMapper gathers, formats, standardizes, and hosts civic geographical open data from your city so you can integrate it into your applications and services right now.

PLATFORM FEATURES Open Data. We gather, standardize, and geocode the best civic open data. Address Level. All data is address-specific and plotted using our custom geocoder. Updated. Data sets are kept up to date automatically. Standardized. One standard format so you can switch data sets easily. Now. Maps and data are ready for you in minutes, not months.

Tap into the millions of points of local, open, civic data nationwide, for you own websites or mobile applications. Datasets include crime, property values, restaurant health ratings, EPA pollution, toxic, and greenhouse gas emissions, historic sites, yelp reviews, sex offenders, car accidents, building permits, foreclosures, real estate, bridge safety, nursing homes, public schools, public transit, meth labs, catholic churches, and cultural attractions. Coverage is national, but data availability depends on source data access. Some city data is included in Anchorage, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Albuquerque, New York, Cincinnati, Portland, Fort Worth, and Richmond. We can add local data in your city if available.

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