We were inspired by the idea that so many people were paying tremendous amounts of money to take cancer tests and find out that they don't even have skin cancer.

What it does

The app gives a free test and gives the probability of having skin cancer by taking a picture. It also, depending on the probability, lists out the different hospitals in the current area.

How I built it

We used pycharm to convert a tensorflow model to coreml (used in xcode). We then used google apis to find out the current hospitals open and cheap for cancer tests.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge we ran into was converting a tensorflow model to coreml

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One accomplishment we are proud of is the fact that we completely finished the app and it was functional

What I learned

One thing we learnt was that planning is aways necessary to succeed in any project.

What's next for YourHealth

Built With

  • swift-coreml-xcode
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