The problem

In order to curb the spread of the Corona Virus, all trade fairs, congresses and other events are either canceled or postponed indefinitely. Currently no one can tell when on-site public events will be picked up again. This has far-reaching consequences for the organizers, exhibitors and visitors. The economic consequences of trade fair cancellations currently can’t be estimated. One thing is certain: they are immense.

Our solution

With “YourExhibit” we address exactly this problem. For exhibitors and visitors we want to make it possible that the events can take place even in these difficult times and that the negative economic consequences are limited. Our idea: A platform for virtual events. In order to achieve this we do not transfer the analog trade fair experience into a virtual world, but build on the basic needs of all trade fair participants: network, information and interaction.

What exactly does “YourExhibit” provide?

YourExhibit is a platform for digital trade fairs. We offer exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to meet their needs and expectations to trade fairs. We see the main element of these kind of events in networking and information exchange among the participants. We achieve this by considering the basic components of every event - i.e. exhibitors, products, visitors, live events as "equal" elements. With the help of an algorithm these elements can be “matched” with one another according to individual interests.

Finding interests Identifying interest is key! Upon registration one opportunity to get data for the interests matching is a web-scraping algorithm, which automatically runs when an exhibitor registers its company. It identifies the interest of the company through the information on their website. By registration as a visitor, networks like LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook can be used. Through those networks visitor interests will be identified and we get the needed data for the matching algorithm. Additionally, questions in connection to every event will be asked in order to better understand the interests of the participants.

Matching and improving interests Based on the identified interests the algorithm proposes exhibitors, people and events to the visitor. Exhibitors can get recommendations on relevant visitors as well. Through advertisement this is an opportunity to create a cash flow stream. The recommendation can be displayed in various forms: diashows, lists, clouds, etc. Of course, it is also possible for visitors to plan their own fair visit individually. In the course of the fair, the algorithm gets to know the visitor better (e.g. the amount of time spent at a digital booth) and can always make further suitable suggestions according to the visitor’s journey. The visitor has the freedom to choose whether to be led in an area where he is suggested by various exhibitors, people or events or whether he specifically searches for lectures, discussions and workshops by expressing interests accordingly.

Exhibitor Presentation Exhibitors have the opportunity to present a “digital exhibition booth”. This is a website area on which the exhibitor can present himself individually with all relevant information. That can be pictures, videos, products and more. The exhibitor can create them independent or with the support of a “digital booth builder” (known as web designer ;) ) and tailor them to his needs. The “digital booth” will be implemented with an iFrame.

Networking and communication The highlight of YourExhibit is that in every area there is the possibility to contact other people who are present in this area with just one click. There is a chat, call and video function. In this way, people who are at a “trade fair booth” or who are in a lecture room can be addressed directly. Networking and communication are particularly important. The digital trade fair visit enables the visitor to recap his visit in a logbook after the event. Thus the visitor does not go home with a handful of flyers and business cards as in an on site event, but has all interesting information digitally saved and even commented on it in order to quickly understand them. Of course, this digital reminder function gives the exhibitor a great advantage. Via the platform, the exhibitor can quickly evaluate which people visited their booth, what questions the visitors asked, etc. This means that all generated leads can be used immediately after the trade fair and, for example, transferred to the company's CRM system. Contacting interested parties is also significantly more efficient than after an offline trade fair.

These scopes are just a selection of the possible functions that the digital platform can offer exhibitors and visitors.

What’s next with YourExhibit?

In the first step, the team around YourExhibit will continue to meet online and advance precise planning of implementation. The first options and strategies for scaling the platform have already been discussed and in some cases recorded. Due to the broad capabilities and the previous knowledge of the team, the knowledge of how such a solution can be implemented is available. Prototype construction, user tests, scaling beyond a niche market are planned and partially started.

Above all, we are aware of the important role developers have for this project. Therefore, we ask every interested developer, investor, networker, founder and everyone else to pass on any interesting contact to us.

Regardless of the further implementation, we would like to mention the further potential of this platform solution. An online event platform like YourExhibit offers enormous potential for our society beyond the Corona crisis. The climate crisis can be remedied with such a solution, since many national and international trips can be avoided through digital events. In addition, a digital trade fair makes it possible to keep entry hurdles lower for small companies. This enables even smaller companies to present themselves professionally within a big exhibition. It is also obvious that there is a very attractive market behind the trade fair industry. Under normal circumstances, i.e. without corona, trade fairs take place every day. At these trade fairs, exhibitors often spend thousands of euros to present themselves. A digital trade fair can be participated lucratively even with significantly lower investments on the part of the exhibitor and also offers other advantages such as logbooks and evaluations. Of course, it can be argued that an on-site trade fair offers additional opportunities for building relationships and a haptic feeling of products, but this gap will be reduced in the future by new technologies such as AR / VR or 3D printing. Finally, some of the functions are relevant at on site events as well, for example the recommendation function or the easy way to exchange contact information incl. agreed GDPR.

Help YourExhibit go live…

How you can help?

  • Are you a web-developer and want to be part of YourExhibit? Contact us and become part of our journey!
  • Do you organize an event which is cancelled due to Corona? Or do you know the responsibles of such an event? Get in touch with us!


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